Legal Webinar: Oregon & Washington Construction Law

Legal Webinar: Oregon & Washington Construction Law

The world of construction presents a large number of issues for contractors and subcontractors, engineers and architects, and their insurers and attorneys.  In this presentation, we address the basics of the law, including statutes of limitation and repose, the standards to which construction companies and professionals are held in claims of negligent construction, and the insurers’ duties to defend and indemnify, as well as pragmatic approaches to claims handling and solutions to common problems that may arise.

Smith Freed Eberhard discussed on Wednesday, January 25th  the fundamentals of Construction Defect law, best practices and approaches to claims handling in Oregon and Washington. In this one hour presentation we discussed:

  • Liability claims and the duties to defend and indemnify
  • Additional Insurance concerns and solutions
  • Bad faith and new product claims
  • Legal updates in Oregon and Washington
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