Legal Webinar: How To Brave the High Seas of Mandatory Non-Binding Arbitration and Live to Tell the Tall Tale

Smith Freed Eberhard Partners Ashley Nagrodski and Tasha Lyn Cosimo discuss mandatory, non-binding arbitration* in Oregon and Washington. In this hour-long Webinar presentation, Ashley and Tasha will discuss:

• Rules for mandatory, non-binding arbitration in Oregon and Washington;
• Tips and pointers on handling mandatory, non-binding arbitration claims for the best outcome;
• Mandatory, non-binding arbitration claims in Oregon subject to ORS 20.080; and
• Washington’s recent legislative amendment on mandatory, non-binding arbitration.

*Mandatory, non-binding arbitration refers to Court mandated, non-binding arbitration, which may be required prior to a case proceeding to trial based on the amount of damages sought by the Plaintiff(s).

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