Legal Webinar: Year In Review – Personal Lines in OR & WA

Year In Review – Personal Lines in OR & WA

Join Smith Freed Eberhard partners Cliff Wilson and Tasha Lyn Cosimo on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 10:00 am PST as they discuss major personal lines cases of the past year in Oregon and Washington with a focus on the impact these cases will have on personal lines and management. In this one hour presentation, Cliff and Tasha will discuss recent developments in Oregon and Washington law, including the following cases:

  • (OR) (Hodges) Case affecting the discoverability of physician-patient communications.
  • (OR) (Markstrom) Case describing when and how sanctions for spoliation are imposed.
  • (OR) (Harshbarger) Case concerning required damages to be alleged in a timber trespass case.
  • (OR) (Busch) Case concerning Oregon’s non-economic damages cap as applied to personal injuries.
  • (OR) (Mall) Case concerning an expert’s qualifications in biomechanical engineering and accident reconstruction.
  • (WA) (Durant) Case defining “maximum medical improvement” in PIP claims.
  • (WA) (Lockner) Case exploring the boundaries of Washington’s recreational use immunity statute.
  • (WA) (Mariscal) Case adjudicating the admissibility of PIP applications.
  • (WA) (Keodalah) Case allowing a bad faith claim against an individual adjuster to proceed.
  • (WA) (Jackson) Case dismissing a plaintiff’s bad faith claims arising from a race-track crash.
  • (WA) (Koren) Case determining whether a school bus qualifies as an “automobile” under Washington’s PIP statutes.
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