Legal Webcast: The Art of Arbitration: Strategically Structuring Your Case in Washington

Mandatory Arbitration (MAR) can be a complex aspect in any litigation strategy. Strategic decisions must continually be made from the beginning of the process, up until trial (if necessary.) Making the wrong move early on can have lasting ramifications, and can tie a defendant’s hands when taking the case to trial. A thoughtful, well-structured MAR strategy can help insurers and their insureds successfully manage many obstacles and achieve favorable outcomes.

In this 80 minute webinar, Smith Freed & Eberhard Partner, Catherine Becker, will take attendees through the mandatory arbitration process and provide insight as to how to strategically structure your case in Washington.

The presentation will cover the following topics:
Pitfalls of treating arbitration as an unimportant step in litigation
Determining what discovery should be done if the case is put into MAR
Best practices for the execution of discovery
To retain, or not to retain (an expert, that is)
Strategies for optimal preparation for trial de novo if discovery was not allowed during MAR
Analysis of why all discovery should be allowed post-MAR

Editor’s note: We experienced a small technical malfunction during the first few minutes of the presentation. The slides did not advance as expected. We quickly fixed the issue, and the rest of the presentation is fine from then on.

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