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What really differentiates one law firm from another? At Smith Freed & Eberhard P.C., it's not where we are, but what it is that got us here. Smith Freed & Eberhard, an Oregon and Washington litigation law firm, considers creativity as a hallmark characteristic and insists on ingenuity and innovation. Our litigation attorneys work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their best interests are protected. We are known for results as well as relationships. Smith Freed & Eberhard, Your Litigation Partner.

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Our Summaries of Law are treasured by claims professionals for the clear and concise insight they provide into complex Oregon and Washington laws. With five different editions available, we are sure to have something to make your claims handling easier.
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(Hint: It's Not Money.)

Being a one-hit-wonder is not an option for our lawyers. They hit one out of the ballpark, and then they step right up to the plate and prepare for the next pitch. Our attorneys measure their success in the smiles and thank you's that they receive from their delighted clients. Litigation is a stressful, frustrating time for many, so we make it a priority to take a moment and celebrate the successes of our clients.

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Welcome to the Smith Freed Eberhard Legal Resources and Training Library. We have a vast selection of legal resources and publications in our library, including legal articles and blogs for reference and training purposes. Please create an account or sign in to view or subscribe to the latest legal updates, presentations, law articles, legal blogs, newsletters and legal summaries.

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