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Who We Are

What really differentiates one law firm from another? At Smith Freed & Eberhard P.C., it's not where we are, but what it is that got us here. Smith Freed & Eberhard, an Oregon and Washington litigation law firm, considers creativity as a hallmark characteristic and insists on ingenuity and innovation. Our litigation attorneys work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their best interests are protected. We are known for results as well as relationships. Smith Freed & Eberhard, Your Litigation Partner.


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Featured Event

  1. 10.29.2014

    Legal Webinar: The Art of Arbitration - Strategically Structuring Your Case in Washington

    Mandatory Arbitration (MAR) can be a complex aspect in any litigation strategy. Strategic decisions must continually be made from the beginning of the process, up until trial (if necessary.) Making the wrong move early on can have lasting ramifications, and can tie a defendant’s hands when taking the case to ...

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Community Involvement

Smith Freed & Eberhard has partnered with the Oregon Humane Society and p:ear Mentoring to give back to our community.